Support you to access information regarding your care and treatment and/or what services may be available to you.

  • Let you know what your rights are to allow you to make informed choices and decisions about issues which may affect your life.
  • Ensure your views and opinions are heard and respected.
  • Use a strength -based approach to encourage you to self-advocate.
  • Signpost you on to a more suitable serviceĀ if we are not able to support you with your issue.


Give advice. Advocacy is about supporting you to make your own decisions and choices not telling you what you should do.

Take referrals specifically for:

  • Benefits
  • Debt
  • Housing

However, if we are already working with a person who needs help with these issues we will refer on as required and provide advocacy support.

So, if you refer yourself or someone else to our service for an issue that is beyond our remit we will try to signpost on to a more appropriate organisation.