What our clients genuinely said about our service and the difference it made (feedback received over the past year)

“I felt I was no longer alone”

“A big difference – I felt I had someone to trust”

“Extremely supportive making you feel safely seen and safely heard so truly giving the support needed to let go completely and instead take heed & relax.”

“It was very important not to feel alone & have someone with the knowledge”

“Huge.  I felt at the time he was the only person on my side”

“Marion was fabulous – she contacted social services on our behalf & kept me up to date with progress. She also attended our meetings with them and gave us further information on other local services we didn’t know about. It was wonderful”

“They guided me through the process”

“Made me feel calmer”

“You, (named support worker) & (named Social worker) worked as a team to help me and that’s a big change for me – I didn’t like to talk to social work or anyone before”

“You gave me a boost and helped me to let people know what I wanted to say.  I used to sit at meetings and say nothing and I use to just sit rocking.  The staff have all said they notice that I say a lot for myself now.  Having someone to help me talk things through has been really good, helpful.  I would like someone to help me the same way when I move to my new placement.  Thank you so much”

“You have helped me at meetings and to talk to people and I got to trust you – I didn’t do that before” 

“I don’t have any big problems now and that feels good – thanks”.

“David Harris is a complete gentleman and has a good rapport with people”

“Home visit was very much appreciated. Made it easier for me to give an account of events in a familiar place (home)”

“Presenting a range of options & following up. Good communication.”

“Listened very carefully”

“Communication & interpersonal skills, non-judgemental. Integrity. Punctual. Reliable. Trustworthy. Timely responses.”

“It was wonderful to know she was at the end of the phone when I felt helpless and alone”.

“Helped by taking complaint seriously and drafting key points”

“Well supported and reassured”

“Prompt and reliable follow-up by Advocacy worker”

“Put over my points clearly at the CPA meetings”

“It helped to have someone co-ordinating and informing”

“Wasn’t able to do this myself”

“Many thanks to Patricia and Jenny for making a tremendous difference in a stressful time”

“I would like to say a huge thank you to David Harris for all his support during & after hospital”

What could we do better?


“Maybe have more time”

“Keep smiling and keep up the good work!”

“Everything for me was very good”