Forth Valley Advocacy (FVA) provides free, Professional Independent Advocacy across Clackmannanshire, Falkirk and Stirling.

Established on 15 January 1992 within the NHS, we are now celebrating over 25 years of delivering advocacy across Forth Valley.

In March 2012 we won the advocacy tender contract jointly commissioned by Forth Valley NHS, Clackmannanshire Council, Falkirk Council and Stirling Council to provide professional independent advocacy across Forth Valley.  In November 2017 we again won the contract.

We work with people over 16 who have:

  • A learning disability
  • A mental health problem
  • An acquired brain injury
  • Autism
  • Dementia

And also with people who are:

  • Over 65 years of age
  • Vulnerable and deemed at risk
  • Under 16 years of age subject to action under the Mental Health Act

We offer short-term, issues based, professional advocacy support to people under the following:

  • Adult with incapacity (Scotland) Act 2000
  • Mental Health (Care &Treatment) (Scotland) Act 2003
  • Adult Support & Protection (Scotland) Act 2007

Our outcomes focused service is available for any person under legislation requiring support with a specific issue or concern related to health, social or legal interventions.

A person DOES NOT have to be in hospital under a section to access our service.  If in doubt phone us, we will always try to help if we can.  If an issue is outwith our funded criteria we will try to allocate an unpaid advocate if one is available.

Quality & Us

Delivering a high quality service is really important to us and that is why we are proud to have achieved the PQASSO Quality Mark


Members of 


Human Rights Consortium Scotland:

Mindful Employer

Forth Valley Advocacy has been a signed member of the Charter for Employers who are Positive About Mental Health since 2008.  You can find out more by clicking this link to Mindful Employer